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        Quatre Bras:

Sibournes and Houssaye's Narrative

 Condensed for the Purpose of Wargaming

The Battle of Quatre Bras

Published 1995


Monument to the Duke of Brunswick Killed on the 16th of June at Quatre Bras


The Building on the crossroads that has sadly now been demolished due to years of neglect

Looking South from the Crossroads


Gemincourt Farm scene of fierce fighting on the 16th of June




Looking South from the Road to Namur (Allied left flank)


From the Namur Road looking towards the Crossroads

Looking at the area in front of the Namur Road

Area to the left of the Duke of Brunswick Monument


From the Road South to Charleroi looking at the area of the Bosu Wood


Monument to the Dutch Cavalry


Monument to the Belgium forces at Quatre Bras


Mike Robinson's Excellent book on Quatre Bras:


Click on illustration for link to the publisher.

If you would like to see more pictures before we can get round to posting them or more info please send us an email and we will see what we have.

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