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Bussaco 27th Sept 1810:

Bussaco 2010


The Exhibition of photographs in Luso September 2010



The reenactment at Bussaco Sunday 26th September 2010



The ceremony at Bussaco Monday 27th September 2010


The Convent at Bussaco


The Military Museum at Bussaco

 The Sula Gate at Bussaco

The View of Sula from the monument at Bussaco

Craufurd's Mill at Sula

Wellington's Post of Command

Massena's Mill at Moura



S. Antonio do Cantaro


Pictures from our 2000 trip

The Convent and Palace Hotel The Convent is the small tiled building, this is where Wellington stayed the night before the battle pictures from our 2000 trip.

Stone commemorating the Battle placed on Wellingtons point of command

View looking along the ridge from Wellingtons command post the whole area is now forrested.

Various views of Sula

The monument just above Sula

Military Museum this building was used during the battle as a Hospital

Inside the museum and the interior of the church

Crauford's position and the stone marking the spot and the view from the stone looking down into the valley

The view from Massena's Position in Moira

Panorama of the view looking up at the ridge from Moira

San Antonio de Cantaro looking up at the ridge.

Panorama from San Antonio de Cantaro

The small chapel at San Antonio de Cantaro and the local farmer who some excellent wine in barrels in the cellar below the house.



Andrew Jackson's great page about the battle of Buçaco

if you would like to see more pictures before we can get round to posting them or more info please send us an email and we will see what we have.

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