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The Portsmouth Napoleonic Society

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Dos de Mayo The Defence of Monteleon Artillery Park


PNS Bussaco 2000  L-R Colin, Mark, Vic & Pete

PNS Bussaco 2010  L-R Colin, Andy, Vic & Pete



bulletTo promote the public education and appreciation of the Peninsular War between the years 1807-1814.
bulletTo promote the public education and appreciation of the Waterloo campaign of 1815.
bulletTo encourage research on all matters pertaining to the campaigns and to assist in publication and corroboration of such research.
bulletTo recreate the battlefields of these campaigns for public display onto a tabletop scenario.

The society concentrates on researching a particular action of the war, and then begins to form a battle breakdown scenario by consulting the available references and archives. (The society holds an extensive library and offers an information service).

When time and money permits, an excursion to the battlefield is highly recommended. With all the information at hand we then produce a thesis or study and invite members to participate in a tabletop re-creation, from there, we attend shows around the south to demonstrate the toil of our labours.

Although the P.N.S. is essentially a research group, we often travel to some of the more unusual corners of Belgium, France, Portugal and Spain traversing the fields of glory. We are constantly endeavouring to secure a window of education and understanding of the Napoleonic wars.


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